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What Every Guest Bedroom Should Have

Whether your guest is a family member, friend or acquaintance you want their stay at your home to be a welcoming, memorable experience. You want them to not only feel at home, but also feel as if they’re experiencing one of the best hotel or B&B experience. Here are a few suggestions for what every guest bedroom should have.

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Begin with the Furniture

The Bed

While researching what many feel is the best bed size for guests…I was amazed to find that a number of people really love two twin beds. This makes sense when you have children, grandchildren and friends visiting. If you’re able to have one room with twin beds, it seems a really good idea. For me, I have three guest bedrooms and three married children. I have always wanted to be able to provide a place for them to all come, so for me either a queen or full sized bed works best. The room I’m working on now has a vintage cast iron bed. This is a full-sized bed. With vintage beds I have found that most are smaller than people realize, but they’re also charming.

what every guest bedroom should have on A Delightsome Life

The Mattress

To make sure they thoroughly enjoy the charm of sleeping in a vintage bed, make sure your mattress selection is very good. I have become a fan of the memory foam mattresses. In fact our king-sized bed now has a memory foam mattress.

What every guest bedroom needs - nightstand choice for One Room Challenge on A Delightsome Life


For beauty and for convenience sake for your guests, a nice nightstand provides a place for necessities. This is where you can put a lovely lamp, a clock, a small dish for wallet, keys and phone, a water carafe and such. You can have a nightstand with a drawer to house little essentials such as paper and pen, sewing kits, aspirin/Tylenol, sleep mask, lotion, nail file, and more…Or you can have one with a shelf on the bottom to house these in a bin or a basket. Nightstands add to the whole of the look of the room with the beauty of function.


What every guest bedroom needs on A Delightsome Life table and chair

Chair and Table

Most bedrooms in a B&B or hotel have a wonderful, comfy place to sit. They also provide a place to sit at to write or to do work. If you can provide in your room for your guest such a place you’re giving them the opportunity to quietly do some of their business in a lovely environment. Or a chair simply to take time to read. You can provide the latest books, magazines and even word puzzle books to give your guest an opportunity of quiet thought and fun.

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Wardrobe or Closet

In my guest bedroom, there is no closet. I found that early when these homes were being built, closets were taxed as rooms! It’s a fascinating thought that is why there were so many beautifully made and functional wardrobes created. For your guests it’s a wonderful thing to add space in a closet or drawer for their convenience or for an extended stay.

What every guest bedroom needs table and chair on A Delightsome Life

The Wonderful Extras for Your Guest

How to Make a Guest Bedroom Welcoming

This is a list of a what you can add to make your guest’s stay pleasurable…you can add what you like.

  • Fresh flowers
  • Plush: hight thread count; comforters and pillows
  • Something to read
  • Clock
  • Basket full of guest towels; robe; extra blanket
  • Mirror
  • Help themselves to beverages: cups, tea, coffee, water carafe
  • Have extra necessities: travel sized essentials
  • Task lighting
  • Healthy snacks
  • Window dressing for privacy and light
  • Desk function as a vanity
  • Drawer and closet space
  • Plugins for techie items
  • Soft rug
  • Slippers
  • Air freshener
  • Clean and uncluttered

antique cast iron bed in guest bedroom on A Delightsome Life

One More Thing…

Not all guest bedrooms in your home will have a private bathroom. The nice thing about this guest bedroom is that there is a bathroom off to the side. If you don’t have one connected to the room make sure your shared bathroom has those extras for convenience sake such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, lotion and such that a guest would need and may forget.

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