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Downton Abbey – The Crawley Family

Opening Scene Copy CatThere’s just so much that appeals to one as you watch Downton Abbey. The fascinating and complicated relationship of the Crawley family gives you a glimpse into what it may have been like for such a family who were committed to the tradition of their heraldry and who wished to fulfill their duty to their home and to the community dependent upon them.

first scene downton abbeyThere are so many things that appeal visually in Downton Abbey one being this scene in the beginning of the show. I attempted to recreate this scene, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Downton Abbey Copy Cat 2

The setting for Downton Abbey is the amazing Highclere Castle and its fascinating history. The story behind Downton Abbey closely mirrors the true life of the original Lady of the Castle, Lady Almina.

Lady Almina the 5th Countess of Carnarvon was the daughter of a weathly American, Alfred de Rothschild. Like the fictional character, Lady Cora Crowly, Lady Almina was married off at a young age to the Earl of Carnarvon and it was her dowry that was crucial in the preservation of the lifestyle at the Carnarvon ancestral home known as Highclere Castle.

Lady Almina old photo

Much like the original Lady of Highclere Castle, Lady Cora Crawly beautifully played by Elizabeth McGovern, plays a strong, heroic mother who dearly loves her husband and her daughters. She opens her home to the war wounded, like Lady Almina, and serves to maintain the traditions of the home as well as adjusting to the changes and heartaches life brings over time.

downton abbey clothes 3

downton abbey mother - cora

Then there are the daughters of Downton Abbey – the three very distinct sisters who play fascinating roles as strong women in their own right and gorgeously depicting the fashion of the time.

downton abbey clothes 2 downton abbey clothing 1

Then there was the Grandmother, Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham marvelously played by Maggie Smith. Reportedly, this role and the pithy at times humorous lines were created specifically with Maggie Smith in mind.

Downton Abbey Series 3

And, teatime at Downton Abbey could be served indoors or in the glorious grounds of the estate. The tea was oftentimes set with a gorgeous silver tea set.

downton abbey tea

downton abbey tea-grandmother

Beautifully crafted to reflect the life and times of the Crowley family and the downstairs ‘family’ of the staff, Downton Abbey is a show that will be treasured and watched over and over by fans who will scrutinize the history, the fashion and the complexity of the interworking of these families.

Downton Abbey Rosewater Jelly 3

For my tea today, I made Rosewater Jelly, Crab Sandwiches, served with Strawberries and loose-leaf Earl Grey Tea.

Downton Abbey Rosewater Jelly2

I thought the Rosewater Jelly would be delicate and regal enough to serve a Lady of the Manor – it is beautifully fragrant and delicious.

Downton Abbey Rosewater Jelly

Downton Abbey Rosewater Jelly 4

I’ll share the recipe for the Rose Water Jelly later this week

You Can read more about Lady Almena by reading this book written by the Countess of Carnarvon, who based this interesting story upon letters and writings found about this remarkable woman.

Lady Almina book


You can read more about Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle

I appreciate your visit. I hope you have a most, elegant Delightsome day. You can read my first post on Downton Abbey – downstairs – here

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