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The classic family film, The Wonderfu Wizard of OZ has inspired and enchanted many over the years. Including the creative minds of Christine Leech and Hannah Read-Baldrey who collaborated on the book, Everything OZ. This brilliant take on all the wonderful things that make up The Wonderful Wizard of OZ – Dorothy, Toto, The Lion, The Tinman, The Scarecrow, The Witches, The Wizard and more. Christine and Hannah have put together an ecclectic array of over 50 projects you can do to celebrate Everything OZ.

Everything Oz collage

source – Everything OZ

You can creatively follow Dorothy from the farm in Kansas to the Emerald City with creative ideas for family fun or parties:

Everything Oz Dorothy

source – Everything OZ

From recipes you can bake…

Everything OZ Cyclone CupCakes

source – Everything OZ

Cyclone Cupcakes and Over The Rainbow Cake

Everything OZ Over the Rainbow Cake

source – Everything OZ

and create

Everything OZ Apothecary

Baum’s Apothecary – Everything OZ

I thoroughly enjoyed this very creative book and the very many wonderful, crafty projects one could do with children, for a party or just for fun!

Everything OZ Baum's Bazaar Green Lemonade

Everything OZ Patchwork Picnic


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