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Don’t Forget To Give Thanks

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I have had occasion to be in contact with a few, either through phone calls or email seeking encouragement. Life situations for all of us can be very difficult and confusing at times.

Pulling Back the Curtain

ironstone pitcher before A Delightsome Life

I found this sweet little pitcher while attending garage sales with my daughter…I saw it’s potential beyond it’s dirty appearance

Through blogging we share what we delight in. It is in essence very personal. It can also be overwhelming. I read a comment by Donna at Funky Junk Interiors basically stating that she felt better about her blogging when she stopped looking over her shoulder. In blogging, we pull back a corner of the curtain of our lives to show you what we want to you to see – the beautiful – what we’re doing to inspire, to encourage. If we were to pull the curtain fully back, we may find – clutter (my house right now-life has been busy), difficulties financially, difficulties at work, health concerns, concerns about our children….the list can go on.

No One Person’s Life is Perfect

the dirt seemed a part of this little ironstone pitcher...including the inside

the dirt seemed a part of this little ironstone pitcher…including the inside

We may look like we’ve got it all put together. I went garage saling with my daughter this weekend. She said she knew I was late because I was putting make up on. In a sense, we all try to put our best faces out there for the world to see – hiding our imperfections. 

A Reason to be Kind

ironstone pitcher cleaned

Because we know that every one has something in their life they’re dealing with, it gives us good cause to be kind. I have read that many bloggers get negative, sometimes ugly comments in their post. I think because of the sense of anonymity in the Internet and because we do ‘put ourselves out there’ people feel they’re entitled say what ever they want. If you do happen to get that occasional  negative comment – take it for what it is – in stride and KNOW for the most part, our community is very supportive and encouraging. Also know, this person too has something going on in their life – therefore I suggest repay with kindness.

Psalm 30

Now clean, this sweet little pitcher looks lovely with fresh flowers alongside my little tea set

Now clean, this sweet little pitcher looks lovely with fresh flowers alongside my little tea set

Is a psalm of thanksgiving for deliverance from death and at the same time a dedication to the house of David. I love that the Bible doesn’t hold back when sharing the difficulties in life – for our learning and for our encouragement. David had gone through many, many difficulties in life, yet in the end, as in this Psalm – he gave thanks. David understood God’s sovereignty and his complete love for each one of us. David expressed honestly his feelings while going through these difficulties and revealed his complete joy when delivered. ‘Thou has turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou has put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness; to the end that my glory may sing praise to the, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.”

Remember to Give Thanks

seeing the potential in this little ironstone pitcher is like seeing the potential in people...there's beauty when we look for it.

seeing the potential in this little ironstone pitcher is like seeing the potential in people…there’s beauty when we look for it.

We can learn so much through our trials. We can also be an encouragement to others sharing our trials and how we’ve come through them. There’s so much to be learned through every experience of our lives – just like the blogging community – sharing the beautiful – we can share and uplift one another in encouragement. 

  • know every one has something their dealing with – big or small
  • take each response to your work, your life with a grain of salt
  • practice kindness
  • remember always no matter what is going on in your life – to give thanks
  • trust – knowing all things do work together for good

 As For Me

Ironstone pitcher with flowers and petite teacup A Delightsome Life

I could write volumes or take up hours of your time sharing all of the good and the very bad that has happened in my own life. There have been many beautifully bright moments, and extremely dark ones as well. Through them all, I have grown more compassionate for all people, because I came to realize that person who is trying to do me harm, either doesn’t know my LORD or they have something they’re dealing with that burdens them. I choose each day to draw closer to my LORD – learn from Him – give thanks each morning for the life he’s given me and to go forth to do my best. Sometimes those burdens I face do appear to be mountains that God just won’t remove (Psalm 30:7). But I wait, trust and believe that truly all things do in the end work together for good.

The Anchor Does Hold

Painted in Waterlogue

While we were at the Country Living Fair my sister shared that she knew the man who wrote the song, ‘The Anchor Holds’. She asked me if I knew the story behind the song, and I replied that I did not. She shared a video of the author Lawrence Chewning retelling the story behind the song and then singing it – his own way. It will encourage you know that truly in the end – The Anchor does hold and you can give thanks.

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