Haven Conference Afterglow

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Haven Afterglow

It was beyond my expectations. There was the familiar and there was the jaw-dropping awesomeness of the whole event. I am experiencing Haven Conference afterglow. This year, I took Dearest with me. As you will see, we had hilarious fun.

On a Whim

Dearest and I at the Kirkland's photo booth - I laughed till I cried! See this video

Dearest and I at the Kirkland’s photo booth – I laughed till I cried! See this video

When Dearest has conferences, I tag along. But, I was only able to see him between sessions and in the afternoon. I knew Haven was going to be so amazing and that I’d talk faster than normal trying to explain to him all of the wonderful – awesome things I saw and experienced. So, when he agreed to go along with me, I signed him up as well. I wanted him to have his own experience. 

It Gets Gooder and Gooder

Haven Afterglow-11

This is my second year and I know this was Haven’s fourth year, but I was enthralled with how amazing every thing was. These ladies have excelled themselves in envisioning and executing a terrific event – just for us, bloggers! The theme and colors for Haven was every where – there were so many vendors and sponsors – and they excelled themselves in their presentations. Hey, ya’ll, they’re getting it! Bloggers have a voice, have an opinion are the real deal, the ones who will/or do use their product. Bloggers are the ones who will best represent the value of their product to their peers. It just gets gooder and gooder (Dearest’s phrase).

At The Right Time

bloggers, including Dearest, make farmhouse tables for Habitat for Humanity

bloggers, including Dearest, make farmhouse tables for Habitat for Humanity

As you know, my dear readers, I have been going through a down time with my blog. It began innocently, in my accepting a responsibility in my community. This responsibility soon overtook my waking and sometimes sleeping hours. Now, things are settling, and I am getting back to the swing of things in my blog. I’ve shared two posts already, one on why I stumbled and the other on why I blog in the first place. Haven was just the charge I needed to jump-start my enthusiasm, my thought-process, my vision and my desire to continue to share the joys and Delightsomeness of my life. 

Awesome Keynote Speaker

Haven Afterglow-10

Jon Acuff was the keynote speaker…his message, I felt, was just for me. His new book, Do Over, I felt was inspired – just for me….o.k., I know there was a lot there for every one, but it came at just the right time for me. He shared How To Navigate Change, the two types of change – voluntary and involuntary; the positive and the negative aspects of change; the good and bad of change and what affects these changes. I saw myself in his illustrations and examples and most importantly, I saw my way out!

A Joyous, Hilarious Event

selfie stick collage

When you first get to Haven, you check in, receive your Swag Bag from the sponsors and vendors…this is where the fun begins. In our bag was a selfie stick. I just purchased one for my daughter’s birthday and she adores it. Dearest and I at first couldn’t figure the thing out, then when we did, we just couldn’t stop laughing. I think we might be too old for these kind of things, but it was the beginning of Hilarious fun with Dearest at Haven.

Glowing Blogger Relationships

Haven Afterglow-12

Part of the wonderful experience of Haven is meeting and re-connecting with amazing bloggers. There are those that are larger than life to us – who are just so sweet and awesome in person. There are those who are inspiring and encouraging. There are those who are just like you and me…enjoying blogging, finding their own voice and wishing to learn more and more about the wonderful world of blogging.

But, Wait! There’s More

Haven Afterglow-14

I have too much to share for just one post. There will be more. I just wanted to share the sweet afterglow of our experience. I am so very thrilled to have shared this with Dearest, on the way home he asked me, ‘what did you learn and what will you do with it now?’ I was tired, exhausted and my head was just too full, but I did reply the basic – work on relationships, become more consistent, authenticity, some technical stuff and find my flow, my rhythm once again. This is just the beginning and I’ll share more with you very soon!

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