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Beautiful Autumn Blooms

 Fall Home Decor-Mexican Sage vignette

When we first moved to our home, there were several plants we could not identify. I knew we’d have to wait some time to find out just what they were – perhaps a year. That was the case with the Mexican Sage along the front walk of our home. 

Autumn Surprise

Mexican Sage A Delightsome Life

Mexican Sage stone wall A Delightsome Life

Then in late September I noticed buds on the leafy plants in the front. As they continued to grow, I could see they would be long spires with purple flowers – I found out they were named Mexican Sage.

Beautifully Attracts Butterflies and Bees

Mexican Sage along roadway A Delightsome Life

Mexican Sage at Stone Wall A Delightsome Life

we have about 70 ft across our front garden filled with Mexican Sage

One of the things that I love the most about this perennial is how it attracts butterflies – the yellow ones and bees. It grows along the road and floats in the breeze when cars pass by. This causes the beautiful butterflies to float above the blooms. It is a beautiful site.

Once the Blooms have Faded

Mexican Sage flower arrangement A Delightsome LifeHere we cut them back to the ground, in warmer climates they can be evergreen. 

What you can know about Mexican Sage:

  • They can grow up to 3 to 4 feet – 
  • they spread through their root system
  • they bloom in autumn
  • they cover well spring blooming plants such as daffodils
  • make wonderful flower arrangements
  • attract butterflies and bees – perhaps hummingbirds
  • drought tolerant – since they’re at the street – they receive full, hot southern sun

I hope you consider the Mexican Sage for your garden – you’ll love them and remember, when you move to a new home – or new/old home as is my case, wait at least a year before you make big changes in the garden – it just may hold some beautiful surprises and secrets for you to enjoy.

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