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Beautiful Gift from Dearest – White Tea Set

White Tea Set gift from Dearest. A delightsome life

I suppose my family has come to know me pretty well. Have I given them much choice? So, I was so delighted when Dearest found and gifted this sweet white tea set.

Tea things, White Dishes Everywhere…

White Tea Set gift from Dearest in painted china cabinet

So, when Dearest said he had something for me, that he intended to give me at Christmastime…I was so delighted. Each  dish was wrapped individually and carefully. 

Breathtaking Detail

White Tea Set Chocolate Pot in china cabinet

The first thing I unwrapped was the teacup or is this a demitasse? Would you know? Then saucers – gorgeous white and gleaming – smooth. 

The Teapot and the Coffee Pot

White Tea Set, teapot and chocolate potI love the curves and the lines as well as the sweet flower pattern.

White Tea Set details in chocolate pot handle. A Delightsome LifeDiminutive Cups

White Tea Set - sweet tea cups. A Delightsome Life

White Tea Set-sweet white teacup in china cabinetWith the beautiful curves to the saucers and the delicate size to the teacups I am completely enchanted with this set.

Rearrange China Cabinet

White Tea Set in china cabinet. White platters from Decor Steals. Blue dining room

White Tea Set with white dishes in blue china cabinet. A Delightsome LifeI wanted to make the set a prominent display in the china cabinet. Don’t you find it fun and some times daunting when arranging collectibles?

Tea Sets In the Middle

White Tea Set, chocolate pot-with creamer and sugar. A Delightsome Life

White Tea Set-blue china cabinet decorated for fall. A Delightsome LifeI like the look of the tea sets together. As you can see, I have several teacups and sauchers to go along with them.

 Beautiful White Dishes

White Tea Set-chocolate pot. A Delightsome LifeI love collecting them! So delighted by this loving gift from my loving Dearest. Sandi at The Rose Chintz Cottage shared that this is a chocolate pot, not a coffee pot like I’d first supposed – I am so delighted and knew someone would be able to discern for me!

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I am sharing this post with these Delightsome blog parties:

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