Painting Fabric on Salvaged Chair

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My 10 Dollar Salvation Army Chair


I have seen several Bloggers demonstrating how we can paint fabric. It is so new to me, like when I first heard of chalk paint. Having tried chalk paint and absolutely loving it, I thought this would be fun to try. I had my opportunity presented to me when I passed a nearby Salvation Army. I decided to give painting fabric on this salvaged chair a try!

Hidden Treasure


I saw furnuiture displayed outside and was drawn in. Most of what I saw was already sold. So, when I sauntered in I didn’t expect to find anything. There she was! Tucked away wedged between a table and couch behind a wardrobe. My ten dollar chair! She was quite dirty and had been known very well by either a cat or a dog, but I saw her potential.

Deciding on Color


I knew this chair would go perfectly in my plans for my newly painted dining room. I did not want to make her a carbon copy of Camille, the Little Blue Chest, but I did want her to compliment the chest and the room.

Salvation Army and Goodwill Come Together


Last week I paid a visit to the nearby Goodwill and found this absolutely amazing pillow! LOVE the toile pattern, texture and color. She’s perfect for the dining room and since the chair has a deep seat, the pillow is a perfect addition to my newly found Salvation Army chair. The vision of how this chair should look became more clear.

Paris Grey


In the Annie Sloan Book, ‘Creating The French Look’,  I took my inspiration for Camille, she noted that Paris Grey painted over furniture is a marvelous color for the Chateau decor style.  I love the subtle, soft color of this gray.



Of course, to give this a feel of age and patina, you have to layer color. I had some gray left over from my Camille project as well as  the creamy Asiago white for a dry brush over the color.

Painting Fabric


You can Google and find numerous examples of how to paint fabric. The recommendations for fabric that you’ll touch include adding Fabric Medium to the paint, which I did. I decided to cover the fabric with the light gray paint. I laid it on thick and swirled the brush around to really get the paint into the fabric and around the raised design. I was hoping all would accept the color and that it would adhere well! The raised fuzzy orange squares did not completely accept the gray, but it did alter the color making it a beige-peach. This looks fine with the neutral colors in the pillow.

I debated with myself whether to get a paint pen in dark gray – to cover these over. But, after seeing how well it now looked with the pillow, I decided to leave it as it is.

before and after chair transformation

My Experience


This went quite well, even with the Fabric Medium, the fabric is a little stiff – similar to canvas. Overall – I love it – transforming this chair with paint was easy and I think it looks great and will make a great addition to my dining room redecoration project!

Dining Room Redecoration Project

Dining Room Redecoration Plans


Camille – The Little Blue Chest


Valspar Reserve Paint Review

Valspar Reserve Paint Review 1

Painted Chair


Curtains, Cushions and Pillows


Hanging Creamware Platters




I’m going to be enjoying myself at the Haven Coference!


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