Simple and Beautiful Decorating with Eucalyptus and Dried Flowers

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When you’ve completed the decorating of a room in your home and you’ve added just the right pieces of furniture, the right paint color on the walls, the right window treatments and touched it up with the right accessories, what is the one thing you can add to a room to give it appeal. Well, in my mind that last, lovely touch is a floral arrangement. But, what if you don’t have fresh flowers? What can you add? I’m going to share a few simple and beautiful ideas for decorating with Eucalyptus and Dried Flowers.

dried Eucalyptus in demijohnSimple and Beautiful Decorating Ideas


dried eucalyptus in soup tureen

Oftentimes we just don’t have enough flowers in our gardens to pick. Or, we don’t want to take them out of the garden because of the beauty they add there! The first place I go to when I’m at the grocery store is the floral section. There’s always a lovely bouquet and sometimes some on clearance that are still gorgeous! That was the case when I found four bunches of Eucalyptus. I love their sculptural look as well as their gorgeous color. The added benefit of their fragrance is pure joy!

dried Eucalyptus in pitcher on table

I use glycerin to preserve the fresh Eucalyptus so that they will remain beautiful and fragrant for a very long time!

dried Eucalyptus in pitcher

I love adding them in pitchers.

dried Eucalyptus in Demijohn by book trough

dried Eucalyptus in demijohn by chair and books

I love adding them in Demijohns.

dried Eucalyptus in blue vase

I love adding them in any size or color vase.

They’re perfect as swags, garlands or wreaths. Eucalyptus is one of the most beautiful and versatile greenery you can add to your home’s decor.

Dried Lavender

lavender in French basket

In some way or form I must, always, have Lavender near me in my home. I love growing it in my garden. I love gathering it’s blossomed stems to bring indoors. I love using it for crafts, for sachets, and for beauty. The serene fragrance and beauty of the Lavender adds so much to one’s life!

I love keeping it dry – and it will remain beautiful for years.

lavender in Ironstone Pitchers

In Pitchers

In Vases

dried Lavender in bundle on shelf

In Bundles

lavender in dough bowl

In Decor


dried limonium in scarborough nesting box

This amazing flower comes in so many colors! We collected bundles of this flower for my youngest daughter’s wedding. Afterwards, thrifty Mom that I am, I gathered as much as I could and brought them home. I wanted to keep some of the beauty for a while. That was two years ago. They’re still beautiful and add such whimsical, rustic charm in my home!

I love it in this Chamber Pot

In Pitchers or Ironstone

limonium in bottles on hutch

In Bottles

Dried Roses

dried roses in vase on dresser

Sometimes when I purchase a bunch of roses…I hope that instead of opening, that they will dry. Most of the time they will and I keep them in arrangements or elsewhere.

dried roses in vase on dresser

In vases

In Vintage Jars

dried roses on shelf

On Shelves

cake balls are easy and delicious - especially chocolate cake

Around Cloches 

On Wreaths

Flowers or greenery should be in every room of the home. They’re that added special touch to any room’s decor! But, if you don’t have fresh flowers…dried flowers will carry you through beautifully every time.

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