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My thoughts these past couple of days have been on our lives – how we live – what people remember us by and what we leave behind. Our lives are filled with days where we enjoy our family, our friends and our homes. We spend time creating homes filled with those things we like…these can be things that one day may tell a story of our life. 

Red transferware and Camellia

Dearest and I enjoy going to Estate sales…to collect treasures. I hope in my heart that as I’m finding things that I am continuing the enjoyment the previous owner had for the things that may have meant something to them…Dearest loves to collect Bibles, tools and such. I love to collect dishes, baskets and such. As I seek out these treasures, I’ve wondered about the the life the person lived. When we attend a sale of someone we’ve known, it becomes even more special. Having known this person I know what was important to them and and what their life was about. 
When I saw these Red Transferware dishes, I smiled. I knew one of my friend’s dreams was to create a little cafe offering tea…But, she never did. This tea set is so very lovely – she had several sets…Someone else had purchased the remainder of her collection.
I also found small tables,  area rugs, busts and such…that whenever I see them in the rooms of my home – I’ll think of my friend. 
Our things tell a story about us – our tastes, where we have been and our priorities. I felt a mixture of bittersweet feelings as I stepped through each room of my friend’s home. I wondered if anyone else at the sale contemplated these thoughts as they walked  through her public and private things displayed and arranged for the prospective buyer.
I looked at those there with me. Did they too know my friend? Did they appreciate this person and  as they looked at the remains of their life and smile in the things before us as I did my heart and mind filled with memories.

I thought of myself – when someday it would be my things, my home up for the offering…would friends come by…would they remember me by the things I left behind. I concluded that we are not defined the things we leave behind – we are defined by the person we were – our beliefs and how we treated others… 

I have been inspired to take another look at my ‘things’ to make  sure that what I invest the most time and thought in are those whom I love –  to be Thankful – for God – for life – for family and for friends. When you think about it all  – we have a lot of blessings to be thankful for.

I am thankful for you all each day – I appreciate you taking the time to visit and hope that from time to time I can be a blessing to you!

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