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Hello Friends,

I so love all the beautiful and wonderful things about Fall. I love to wake in the morning to see a light fog over the gardens…I love to see the big Black birds in the backyard…I love to see the Fall flowers blooming…So, what makes Fall so spectacular…the colors! So why not in my Fall Decorations?

Fall Decorations Ideas

Simply Orange Fall Decorations – and Shades of Orange

Just close your eyes and imagine a beautiful Fall scene you’ve seen. It’s possibly like my imagined photo. Crisp blue skies, a lake and beyond the lake a tapestry of color in all of the woodland trees. There’ll be rusts, reds, yellows and orange. These are the beautiful colors of Fall.

Fall Decorations reds oranges Lavender

Now, I do love the serenity of neutral colors…Don’t get me wrong. I will and do have neutral colors planned here and there in my decor. But, if there’s a time, if there’s a place to embrace the gorgeous shades of rusts, reds, yellows and oranges – Fall is the perfect time.

Fall Decoration DIY

I took out my Fall decorations a couple weeks back. At first, I wasn’t enamored with the colors. At first I thought, I could paint them all shades of white…neutral shades. I actually did paint a few pumpkins…But, then I began to place some of my DIY Fall decorations here and there…

Fall Decoration DIY on Fireplace Mantel

Then, that’s when it happened…I became enamored with orange for my Fall decoration. It’s my mantel that I’m drawn to appreciating the color orange.

Gauguin Print Fall Decoration

Dearest had a print in his office that he was taking down to make room for some of his collected images. This Gauguin print is The Landscape in Brittany – David Mill. Gauguin used vibrant colors of emerald green, bright green, cobalt blue and orange. I would be fascinated to have known his inspiration…perspective.

Chinese floral painted box dried Lavender Fall Decoration

I had added a beautiful Asian hand-painted box and filled it with a couple bundles of dried Lavender.

Fall Decoration DIY pumpkin and faux Fall leaves

I kept the candlesticks, which are actually spindles I found at The Country Living Fair...beeswax candles on top. I draped faux Fall leaf garland around each..Lastly, I added a couple DIY rustic coco- liner pumpkins I made last year…Then

Fall Decoration at Fireplace

At the base of the fireplace I added a couple apple picking baskets filled with faux Fall leaves and a few faux pumpkins. My sweet Harvest girl statue is overlooking this arrangement.

vibrant orange fall decoration DIY

On the little painted table by Dearest’s recliner I placed a few small faux pumpkins alongside a small lamp and family photos…The colors of Fall are vibrant – and easy to add to a room’s decor.

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