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I have shared with you my  lovely, large
Roses that tumble over the wall in front of
our house. I was enchanted by the gardens when we looked at our old Craftsman house and
especially by the lovely roses in the front.
Flanking the steps from the street are
Two very old and large Rosemary bushes.
the rosemary before
This past spring I gave them a much needed
Pruning. They too were hanging over the wall,
But there was a lot of dead growth underneath.
They rewarded me with a lot of blooms this spring.
the rosemary today
We cleaned the roses to the left (if you’re facing the house) they had a lot of weeds growing underneath
and a lot of dead growth as well. Between the roses
are several Mexican Sage that will bloom in September
until frost.
eary spring
It is wonderful to see their long purple
blossoms swaying in the breeze and the yellow butterflies the attract.

this photo was taken last September
To the right of the steps is what I call our Volkswagon
Rose. I didn’t know its name and its sprawling and
Mounding shape reminded me of a small Volkswagon.
this picture was taken this past spring – you can see we’ve been painting the house
I loved the numerous open-faced red roses it produced.
Unfortunately, these beds are along the city’s sidewalks and occasionally as if on a whim they’ll send someone to clear the beds either by weedeating or by spraying weed killer.
This time they sprayed the stems of the ‘Volkswagon’ that draped down the wall. This killed the branches and as we cleaned them out – we found it killed their plant. Fortunately we discovered that this rose bush was several – 4 to five roses.
this is today. Our dear roses look drastically different, but I know they’ll bounce back with beautiful growth and blooms
 We now have three that I have given a good pruning and while we were cleaning I discovered the tag to the roses.
Red Meidiland Rose!
I know its name!
My husband made the comment – that what man may have meant for evil – God used for good. I cleared the
Lantana as well and will feed them and the roses
To promote good growth.
On the whimsy side –
the scavengers that we are –
We found this old mirrored medicine cabinet that
One of our neighbors threw out.

My husband graciously stopped and picked it up for me. I have now decided what to do with it.
I have detached the medicine cabinet and have hung it
Where the winter blooming jasmine climbs amidst the
Oak leaf Hydrangea.
Just like mirror in Snow White.
I already have several
Columbine planted near – which to me look like
Little fairies floating above the plants.
A Fairy Tale Garden is beginning to take shape!
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